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Jojoba Oil 100ml

Jojoba Oil 100ml
Jojoba Oil 100ml
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Due to its similarity to the sebum produced by our skin, Jojoba Oil makes the ideal cosmetic ingredient for skin care products.  It is a naturally derived liquid wax containing several important vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.


It is particularly effective in facial care products, as it helps to remove excess oils and sinks into the skin with ease. Jojoba Oil is unique as when it is absorbed by the skin it penetrates through the hair follicles instead of coating the skin, allowing the skin to "breathe" and making it wonderful for scalp treatments, serums and facial washes.


Jojoba Oil has an incredibly long shelf life due to its natural antioxidants and great stability as a cosmetic ingredient. It contains vitamin E, B-complex vitamins and the minerals silicon, chromium, copper and zinc.


It was used for thousands of years by Native Americans to treat sores and wounds, Jojoba Oil is now a mainstay of the cosmetics industry, particularly for the maintenance of healthy skin.

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