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Earrings: Kenza

Very pretty gold and silver plated geometric earrings.

Technical sheet:
Jewel color: Gold and Silver
Length of   jewel: 6.3   cm  
Coating   Jewel: Gold & Silver Plated (18k)
Composition of   Jewel: Nickel free alloy (anti - allergy)  
Presentation of the   Jewel: Organza pouch  

Guarantee and Advice

Guarantee for the products:

The articles are made from copper or a nickel-free alloy. Zirconia are synthetic.

Avoid direct contact with perfumes and cleaning products in order to guarantee better longevity of the plating, the life of the plating depends on daily use.


In order to optimize the duration of your jewelry as well as possible, it is advisable not to use it too much in the shower or baths.

Gold Plated jewelry is originally shiny. However, sometimes they have a tendency to darken, especially when in contact with sulfur, water, or even as you wear them, when in contact with the skin. On some people, jewelry can turn black due to the PH of their skin.

A jewel is fragile and its lifespan depends only on the maintenance that one brings to it. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things to avoid so that your jewel will stay the way you bought it for a very long time.

1- Do not put your jewelry in contact with any alcoholic product (lacquer, perfume, etc.).

2- Do not put your jewelry in contact with any cleaning product (bleach, etc.).

3- Do not wear your jewelry in the bath, the swimming pool or the sea and during your sports activities.

4- Store your jewelry in dry places away from air (stored in their case).

5- Remove your jewelry before sleeping.

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